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The Mini Beaded Waist Chains. Handmade mini glass beads available in 13 different colourful sets of 4 on elastic rope, making these inclusive and fun to mix, match, and stack. Each colour set comes with 4 beaded waist chains! Made for all kinds of women or men - any body type, any race, any background! These also work great as a necklace or bracelet when looping them.



Waist beads are a traditional African accessory that consist of small glass beads on a string or wire worn around the waist or hips. They come in many differnet colours and shapes. Waist beads have been worn for centuries by women in many African cultures. In more recent years they’ve gained popularity among women all over the world. They’re also referred to as belly beads, waistline beads, or beaded waist chains. In Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and other West African countries, waist beads are a symbol of femininity, fertility, sensuality, and spiritual well-being. Today, women all over the world use waist beads for aesthetic and practical purposes. They are certainly a form of personal expression and individual interpretation. They’re for all women or men — any body type, any race, any background!


Black – Power and protection

Blue – Loyalty and truth

Brown – Earth and stability

Gold – Good health, power and wealth

Green – Abundance, fertility, nature and prosperity

Orange – Courage, self confidence and vitality

Pink – Care, beauty, love and kindness

Purple – Royalty, spirituality and wisdom

Red – Confidence and vitality

Turquoise – Communication and self awareness

White – Light, truth and purity

Yellow – Energy, joy and happiness


Material: mini glass beads on elastic rope

Size: 30 inches 

Mini Beaded Waist Chains

C$39.00 Regular Price
C$15.60Sale Price
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